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There has been a tradition in the island of Gibraltar to not aggressively recruit the staff of rival gambling firms. PartyGaming has declared open war on that tradition with the introduction of a $2800 “bounty” for staff who recruit their “smart and intelligent” friends to join the gaming firm.

In what is sure to trigger an open war from the recruiting offices of Gibraltar-based firms such as Victor Chandler, Ladbrokes, 888, Mansion and up to a dozen others, the PartyGaming move reflects a severe lack of supply in the tiny UK principality, a premier gambling haven.

The online gambling firms currently employ over 12% of the island’s workforce, and the demand for skilled staff has risen Casino Tropez to the point where law and accounting firms are lamenting they cannot match the salaries being offered by the booming online gambling firms.

There are numerous rumors of staff being headhunted from rival gambling firms with offers to have their salaries doubled or even trebled.

“Gibraltar is a minute speck on the globe,” says Freddie Ballester, of the territory’s Betting and Gaming Association. “But when it comes to internet gaming it is probably the most important jurisdiction in the world.”

Gibraltar argues that its reputation as one of the more reputable and well-regulated zones for the industry has helped attract firms. This may well be true, in part, but there is no secret in the fact that low taxes levied by the Gibraltar government are the greatest incentive. Online gambling firms only pay a maximum of $800,000 a year in tax. Considering the fact that PartyGaming made over $550 million in profit in 2005, it is easy to see the attraction of a Gibraltar base for these companies.

There is talk in the industry of the prospect of increased regulation. Ballester and chief executive John Anderson believe more should be done, will talk of the need for their industry to be “whiter than white”.

“If someone is new to it and playing badly, clearly not knowing what they’re doing, we’ll tell them,” Mr Anderson said.

“That’s not because I’m Joan of Arc.

“It’s because in the long run I’ll make more money if they have an enjoyable entertaining experience rather than a short and violent one. We’ve got to have trust.”

Anderson’s comments are to be commended if true, but it begs the question why his staff didn’t contact me when I was sitting on 14 vs. a dealer picture!

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